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instant privacy.

What if they didn't have your personal information?
What if they didn't have your personal information?
Cloaked eliminates the pressure you feel when asked to share personal info online and in-person.
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Never feel forced to share your personal phone number or email.

Every time you need to share personal info, cloaked lets you instantly generate real working phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords.

superpowered emails & phone numbers


Conversations can live in cloaked or your inbox — you decide. Either way, you're protected.


Forget the painful unsubscribes or pleading to be off a call list. Auto-mute people and companies.


Unique info you generate is paired, and cannot be used by others without your explicit permission.

easy to create, easy to find.

Creating a new account never felt so good.

There's nothing for you to remember. Cloaked makes logins and access to all your secure accounts and messages, easy. We go beyond a password manager.

Available for iOS | Android | Chrome Store

Cloaked, wherever you go.

Cloaked works in-person, too. Whether you're meeting someone new or joining a rewards program, instantly share new numbers and emails.

The Browser Extension

Explore freely online.

Look for the cloaked icon in any form field to know you can generate cloaked information.

Dial in & personalize

Easy access to your info.

Use the web dashboard to view messages, adjust settings, and prioritize contact controls.

Beta & upcoming
membership plans

We will be launching a premium version of our platform that customers will pay to use.
We'll never sell your data or profit off of your personal info in any way.

We are actively in beta

Early access perks

  • unlimited emails / passwords / numbers*
  • secure, personalized database
  • forwarding / muting / deleting
  • data is always yours, it cannot be sold.
  • unlimited storage
  • *Phone number features and capabilities may evolve as the platform matures.
Pricing in the works...


  • cloaked credit card numbers
Pricing in the works...


  • still under wraps
future membership


Pricing coming soon.
  • cloaked credit cards
future membership


Pricing coming soon.

"...we like to feel known, not surveilled. Things should be customized, personalized, without feeling compromised. There should be a voice actively fighting for our right to privacy and data ownership. It’s time for a tech revolution.”

As individuals,
our privacy
deserves respect.

At cloaked™ that's our mission, to bring humanity to the internet.
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Your data is protected, under your control, and can be deleted anytime.
Each individual's data is separated and secured on personalized, encrypted databases.
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